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Quilt Across Texas - September, 2013

Each year Cactus Quilts participates in “Quilt Across Texas” a statewide event involving Texas quilt shops. The event is scheduled for the entire month of September.  

Why should you participate in this event? Not only is it fun to travel around Texas visiting the quilt shops (what self-respecting quilter doesn’t love that?), but you can be eligible to win some mighty nice prizes that, include but are not limited to, new sewing machines, finished quilts, quilt shop shopping sprees, etc.

So, plan to come on by Cactus Quilts and purchase “The Guide” - the event catalog for $5.00 and get your “Guide” stamped! The Guide contains a $5.00 coupon which is redeemable in any of the 58 shops involved in “Quilt Across Texas”!

There will be “statewide grand prizes” and “region prizes” awarded for participation in “Quilt Across Texas”. The rules for prize eligibility are explained in “The Guide” along with information on all the participating shops, including addresses.

While visiting the shops make sure you have each individual shop stamp “The Guide” as proof you visited the shop. Getting your “Guide” stamped while in each shop is your responsibility - do not loose “The Guide” - if you do you will have to start all over to be eligible for the prizes!

Once you have enough stamps to qualify for the prizes, you will need to detach the back page of your Guide (with the shop stamps) and mail it to:

Quilt Across Texas Headquarters
1118 N. Pacific St
Mineola, TX  75773

Please, only one Guide per person. No photocopies will be accepted.

Temporary Extended Hours

For this year's Quilt Across Texas our store hours will be extended September 1st to September 30th.

New Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 5:30pm
                  Saturday: 10am - 5:00pm